Our Story

On December 11, 1917, Dr. R. L. Lewis purchased the first 46 acres (for $30/ac) of what would eventually become the thousand acres, in northeast Texas, that comprise Lewis Farms today. The word “Farms” is plural because RL’s passion for land caused him to acquire several more “farms”.

One was even used to grow vegetables which he believed would help heal his patients at the local hospital where he practiced general surgery, except when he was making house calls on a horse drawn carriage. Both of his two sons became surgeons, and the younger son, Donald, having spent time as an Army doctor in Germany during WWII, later joined him as a surgeon in Paris, Texas. 

The fact that Lewis Farms is still an important part of our family’s existence is a testament to both Dr. RL’s and Dr. Donald’s dedication to their lengthy medical careers, coupled with their love and respect for the land they owned, and the nature that abounds with it.

RL was an early environmentalist of sorts. He keenly understood the benefit of good genetics coupled with a healthy environment. He loved raising cattle and was one of the first in our area to successfully cross different breeds to yield superior qualities in his herd. He created numerous stock tanks, dug by mule and plough, so his cows were assured to have water close by. He even raised earthworms, thinking they had great benefits to the soil they abound in, and would help create better grass for his cows. Note: He also gave the first shot of Penicillin in the State of Texas.

Dr. Donald kept the cattle operation moving forward by adding a few longhorns, but his real love (besides his wife and family) were gated horses and gardening. He even convinced a local quarter horse trainer to like these smoother riding equine types. And he often called into Neil Sperry’s garden Q&A radio show on Saturday mornings, occasionally “stumping” the host with his beyond technical questions. Before county water was available, Dr. Donald built a 5 ac lake along with two pump houses, fully equipped with chemical stations, and learned to purify water, so he could build a house on the farm where his 5 children were raised.

Thanks to the middle child, Randall, the cattle operation and gardening are still in operation today. Momma Lewis, GP, or Big Pris, as she was affectionately known, lived in the original homeplace from 1959 until her recent passing December 5, 2021. She was loved far and wide proven by the standing room only crowd at her final Holy Cross service.

We are proud to share our story and memories with you.
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